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Nelson Heat Trace Introduces Nelson Design Suite and New Heat Trace Designer Software

Nelson Heat Trace is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Nelson Design Suite to the general public.   The first component of the suite is the Nelson Heat Trace Designer.   The suite will be expanded over time to include applications for heat up/cool down, roof and gutter deicing, snow-melting, domestic hot water maintenance, fire suppression and foundation heating using Nelson heating cable products.  This is only the first step in the creation of single source for solutions pertaining to the specifying and design support for the application of all Nelson heating cables.
Nelson Heat Trace Introduces Nelson Design Suite and New Heat Trace Designer Software

Nelson Heat Trace Designer is a web based software tool for the design of industrial piping, tank and vessel heating systems using an array of cable types and heating methods. The new software can be accessed directly from the Nelson Heat Trace landing page on the Appleton Group website, or by directly accessing 
www.nelsondesignsuite.com.  Since this is a web based tool, it is available to users 24/7 from a desktop, laptop or tablet independent of the operating system.   There is no need to load and update software on your system.   The site is hosted on Emerson’s secure network and requires email verification to secure access to the password protected site.
Once a project is entered, it is available anytime and anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available.  Each project is configurable for access by either an individual user or a workgroup (multiple users).   This allows the sharing of data, for both in progress and completed projects eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort.   The importing of project information supplied by customer generated spreadsheets and database files is also supported by the new software and has greatly simplified the design process.
Nelson Heat Trace Designer supports heat trace solutions for both ordinary and classified locations in accordance with regional installation guidelines and certification standards.   
Supported Installation Methods:  NEC, CEC and IEC
Supported Certification Entities:  UL, FM, CSA, ATEX and IECEx
Solutions for:    Ordinary Locations
                        Hazardous (Classified) Locations
                        Class, Division, Group
                        Class, Zone, Group
                        Zone, Group
Heat Trace Designer also provides user administration features to ease the design process from onset to completion.
o    Custom Inventories; stocked inventory and/or project inventories
o    Custom Materials; fluids, gases, dusts, fibers
o    Custom Insulations; specialty and/or name branded products
o    Custom Piping Systems; specialty and/or name branded products
Project documentation generated by the system is provided in both .pdf and .csv formats. An on-line help tool is available to address questions and guide you through the use of the new software to design you custom heat trace application from start to completion.